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TMSA Sudoku Contest

Math teachers are organizing a Sudoku competition for 4 through 7 grade students. 

Some Sudoku puzzles were printed and distributed to students for a training at the beginning of February. The packet had four different levels; super easy, easy, normal, and hard. 


On February 19th, all students were given an easy Sudoku puzzle during their math classes. The fastest two students from each class selected for the final round in next week. The date will be announced to students.  

The final round has three sections:

Quarter Final: Top 8 students will be selected.

Semi Final: Top 4 students will be selected.

Final: Top 3 students will be selected.


All participants of Final round will have a certificate and top 3 students will get their trophies.


Here are the names for the final round:


4A Nicholas N. - Aryan K - Alex L.

4B Urvi M. - Bryce L.

5A Jake P.W - Mayank H.

5B Yaashna A - Johnny B.

6A Forrest L. - Tanay B.

6B Vinisha V. - Ameen Z.

6C Samara H. - Jillian E.

7A Hadley B. – Afif R.

7B Ethan K. - Ashvini D.


Best Regards,

Mustafa Yigit

Math Teacher and Math Olympiad Coach


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