January's Book-It Winners!

We have our January winners for the Book-It reading competition!

Our students have been reading their hearts out, and keeping track of the minutes that they read each day. The Pizza Hut Book-It Program has been quite a success, so far.

At the end of each month, we award the class (K-3 and 4-7) that has read the most minutes. That class will celebrate with a party of their choice. We will also award the top 3 individual readers in the school (the most minutes read in the month).

Here are our January winners:

K-3 class winner - KA - Ms. Kenney (8,317 minutes)

4-7 class winner - 5A - Ms. Lanham (20,896 minutes)

3rd place reader - Rishi G. (5B) with 5,425 minutes

2nd place reader - Salma (5A) with 7,290 minutes

1st place reader - Abhiram N. (3A) with over 8,000 minutes

*CONGRATULATIONS TO THE JANUARY WINNERS! Great reading and keeping track!




Ms. Christine Birtel


4-6 Language Arts Teacher


3-7 Saturday School & Tutoring Coordinator