Question of the Week

University of Mississippi restarted to ask questions of the week. Let`s compete with students from around the world.

Questions release on Monday mornings. Please answer the questions early of the week so that you can have more points on the website. Please see the details from the link below:

Questions of this week:

Elementary Brain Teaser

Girls and Puppies - February 17, 2014

Girls and Puppies Image

Some girl students are visiting a local dog shelter.  The girls are in the puppy room.  Only girl students and puppies are in the room.  If there are 22 heads and 72 legs in the room, exactly how many puppies are in the room?

Middle School Madness

Square of a Number - February 17, 2014

Square of a Number Image

The square of a number is 13 less than the sum of the first 13 prime numbers.  What is that number?

Algebra in Action

Soccer Girls - February 17, 2014

Soccer Girls Image

For each 100 8th grade girls in a certain middle school, 85 play soccer, 70 have a cell phone, 75 have a tablet computer, and 80 play a musical instrument.  What is the least possible number of these 100 girls who play soccer, have a cell phone, own a tablet computer, and play a musical instrument?

Problem of the Week

Successive Zeros - February 17, 2014

Successive Zeros Image

How many seven-digit sequences of 0s and 1s are there that have a block of three successive 0s but do not have a block of four or more successive 0s? 


Mustafa Yigit

Math Teacher and Math Olympiad Coach