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Math Counts Results

Math Counts Results 

Dear All,

TMSA’s Math Team competed at the regional level of Math Counts. There were more than 200 students from 30 schools. TMSA competed with schools  from Durham, Chapel Hill and Wake County. We received 11th place among these schools.

Although most of the participants were from 8th  grade, TMSA joined with five 6th graders and five 7th graders. TMSA’s score was higher than average but only the top ten schools were recognized. 

Also,  one of TMSA’s students, Ben W., received 18th  place. He was very close to the top 16 which students were recognized individually. He has done very well.

By the way, we were 16th  place last year. I am sure that next year we will do something better than this year.   

I would like to thank to the students who competed for TMSA for their hard work and their families for their great support and patience. 


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