From the Office of Mrs. Kennebrew

Hello Parents!  


I would like to provide updates on the following the topics:  parking and catering.  Also, I would like to revisit our dismissal times and locations.


Due to the school having to use the front parking lot for PE, recess and clubs; please park in the rear parking lot when picking up children and volunteering.  Thank you for your cooperation.




Please forward all of your catering concerns and/ or observations to me.  I will now be working very close with our caterer to ensure the best service for our children.



Dismissal Times and Locations

Please plan your dismissals around the dismissal times and locations.  Through proper planning (fewer interruptions), TMSA can provide the best instruction and clubs to our children.  



Before 2:30 PM                                                                   Front Office



3:08 - 3:15 PM                                                                      Student Entrance



4:08 - 4:25 PM                                                                      Student Entrance


Girl Scout Cookies

Please support our TMSA Girl Scouts by buying cookies!  There are order forms at the front desk for our own Daisy Troop 1923 and for other TMSA Girl Scouts.


Updated Information

Please feel free to send me your updated contact information by email.


Thank you!


Have a great weekend!


Lana Kennebrew

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