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TMSA Spelling Bee Results!

On Thursday, January 23rd, we successfully held the TMSA Spelling Bee! After 3 1/2 hours, we officially have a champion!

On Thursday morning (January 23rd) at 9am, we began the TMSA Spelling Bee for K-7th grades. Our students were spelling so wonderfully, that this competition lasted for 3 1/2 hours! The younger grades even stayed in the competition until about the 15th round! Finally, after about 35 rounds, we officially have a TMSA Spelling Bee Champion! Our school's top 3 spellers are the following:

3rd place: Afzaa Rahman (4B)

2nd place: Afif Rahmand (7A)

1st place CHAMPION: Benjamin Wu (6A)

*** CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of our spelling bee participants! I'm so proud of how well each of the students performed in the spelling bee. TMSA is so excited to have such an awesome group of spellers!

I would also like to THANK all of the teachers and parents who helped make this spelling bee possible!



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