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Algebra-1: Sequences

Algebra – 1 classes are working on Chapter 5: Sequences…

Chapter 5 provides students an opportunity to review and strengthen their algebra skills while they learn about arithmetic and geometric sequences. We are using familiar strategies such as looking for patterns and making tables to write algebraic equations describing sequences of numbers. Also, we are developing shortcuts for writing equations for certain kinds of sequences.


Many games depend on how a ball bounces. For example, if different basketballs rebounded differently, one basketball would bounce differently off of a backboard than another would, and this could cause basketball players to miss their shots.  For this reason, manufacturers have to make balls’ bounciness conform to specific standards. 

In the picture below, we  investigated the relationship between the height from which we drop a ball and the height to which it rebounds. With teams, they found the rebound ratio for a ball. I provide them a ball and a ruler. 


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