Cyber-Tigers Competed in State Level FLL

I would like to share some information about the FLL team, Cyber-Tiger’s recent competition. TMSA's Robotics Team, Cyber Tigers competed in the FLL State competition held in Greensboro on Saturday, January 11, 2014. Members of 6th & 7th grade team worked very hard since this fall, and especially the past couple of weeks, preparing for this State competition. Nearly 400 students representing around 50 teams from NC competed for a trip to FIRST Lego League World Festival in St. Louis. This is the first year for TMSA Cyber Tigers team participating at the State level.

 The team, coached by Mr. T, Mr. Mohammed, and Mr. Kim travelled early morning to Greensboro, in preparations for the competition.  They practiced throughout the day before and in the morning met with groups of judges who scored them on their Project, their Core Values, and their Robot Design. 

In the afternoon each team competed in three timed rounds of Robot run in front of a referee.  There were a total of 48 teams at the state tournament, and with eight teams competing at once during each robot run. The gym was filled with nearly a thousand excited onlookers. Name of the Cyber-Tigers were Afif R., Bram L., Ethan K., Aneesh S., Neil M., Zachary H., and Mustafa M.

This being the first year, the team had a wonderful opportunity to experience the State competition.

The team witnessed the awards ceremony which gave a lot of insight into the other team’s strength. This will help the team to achieve success in following competitions. This is a steppingstone to get them into more challenging robotics programs at the high school level The team did not bring any trophies but the wealth of information and experience they acquired in this competition will go with them a long way.

I also would like to thank Mr. Kenebrew and I-Cubed for sponsoring our team , Mr. Peter Kim for working hard with the students in making the FLL Nature's Fury Project material preparations, Ms. Raziya Rahman and Ms. Rashmi Sreedhara for conducting some team building activities at the school fair held in TMSA and creating a lot of Goody bags and Best of luck cards for distributing to the other teams at the competition, Ms. Samra Cothran and Mr. Habchy for providing supplies and making table portable FLL frame for performing practices.  

The FLL competition is all about teamwork and learning the skills and habits of working together when things aren’t going right. I think, this year’s competition is a great success not only as it enabled the students gain those skills but also it brought families together and work toward accomplishing the common goal.

Mr. T