TMSA’s First Geo Bee Competition

On Wednesday, January 15th, TMSA will hold its Geography Bee competition.  The Geo Bee is an annual nation-wide competition and is hosted by the National Geographic Society.  The purpose of the Geo Bee is to showcase 4th – 8th grade students’ geography skills in a friendly competition.  TMSA’s 4th-7th grade students held a class competition during Social Studies to determine a class winner.  We will hold our first Geo Bee school wide competition on Wednesday, January 15th at 1:00 in the cafeteria.  Please be sure to come and cheer on our TMSA Tigers if you can!

  We would like to congratulate and say good luck to the following students:

4A: Aryan Kokkanti

4B: Tanner Harris

5A: Adam Pohlman

5B: Martin Hughes

6A: Manuela Uppalapatti

6B: Samara Hawkins

6C: Davina Ahlawat

7A: Bram Lovelace

7B: Gabby Davis