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TMSA Spelling Bee

The 2014 TMSA School Spelling Bee will be on Thursday, January 23rd at 9am!

I'm happy to announce that we have finalized the 2014 TMSA School Spelling Bee. It will be held on Thursday, January 23rd at 9am in the cafeteria. Parents are welcome to attend!


Here are the classroom spelling bee winners, who will be competing in the school spelling bee:

KA - Yukta P. and Trent N.


1A - Kunal T. and Maddy K.

1B - Daniella B. and Kaavya V.

2A - Dayana A. and Medha R.

2B - Siddharth A. and Siddhaarth S.

3A - Cailin A. and Nandini K.

3B - Ally K. and Harik K.

4A - Anish T. and Pranav K.

4B - Afzaa R. and Pragnya G.

5A - Karthik R. and Isabella A.

5B - Rishi G. and Shilpa B.

6A - Benjamin W. and Tanay B.

6B - Melody O-R. and Pranav C.

6C - Varun J. and Khristian J.

7A - Afif M-R. and Shalini S.

7B - Gabby D. and Nikhilesh A.


*Congratulations to the classroom spelling bee winners, we look forward to finding our school's best speller! The winner of the TMSA School Spelling Bee will advance to the Final Local Spelling Bee at NC State. I would also like to congratulate all of the other students who worked hard and tried their best!


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