TMSA Participated in CSEd Week Activities

Dear Parents,

Last week (Dec 9-13) was the computer science education (CSEd.) week and millions of people around the world joined in celebrating and creating awareness for the computer science education. TMSA also participated in the CSEd with various activates. Over 50 parents volunteered to help out the students to code.  

 I am proud to say that 100% of our students had opportunities to program and write codes. I am positive that these activities made some difference in the mindset of the students. It is amazing to see how all of the students from K to 7 eager to learn coding through the Hour of Code from as well as the participation from the parents. I would like to thank you for demanding, supporting and advocating the computer science education for your child at TMSA. Please keep encouraging your children to do those activities on or in their free time.

Thanks you, and happy holidays,

Mr. T