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IMPORTANT UPDATE- Tardy and Hallway Pass Policy

As the TMSA Administration, we have increased concerns regarding the number of students who have been tardy to school in the morning. These concerns continue with tardies throughout the entire school day. We believe it has become a major distraction to the quality of our students’ learning.  Therefore we are updating and reemphasizing the Tardy and Hallway Pass Policy.

Every time a student is tardy to the school:

  1. The front desk operation slows down.
  2. The tardy student is rushed and ill prepared for class.
  3. The tardy student interrupts instruction, distracting students and the teacher.
  4. Similar consequences occur with subsequent tardies throughout the day.

Considering all the factors listed above, parents need to have their students at school on time and students need to be punctual throughout the school day. School starts at 7:50 with instruction beginning promptly at 8:00.

 Every student needs to be in their room by that time.  If a student comes in late to the classroom, they will be marked tardy.  Parents do not need to sign their child in, in the mornings unless they have a note for being excused.  Students entering the building after 8:00am will not receive a tardy slip. 

 In conclusion, based on the observations listed above, we came up with the new tardy protocol listed below.

What: Tardy to School Protocol

When: The New Tardy Protocol is effective beginning January 8th.

Description: Morning Tardy (1st)

All students reporting to school after 8:10 will report to the ISS room and will stay in the ISS room for the entire first period. The students will be marked absent for the first period. An official records log will be kept, and any case with 15 or more tardies in a quarter must be reported to Wake County Department of Social Services.

Description: Class Tardy (2nd -9th)

All students are required to be in their classrooms at the time of the bell. After the bell rings, all teachers will close their door. Students are considered late if they are not in their classroom when the bell starts to ring–not when it finishes. if you are less than 5 minutes late to class, you will be permitted to enter classroom and the teacher will mark you as tardy. Beyond 5 minutes, late students must report to the school office to receive a TMSA Class Tardy pass to class. If the student is tardy more than 10 minutes,  then the student will not be allowed to class. This will be considered, a skipped class. Student must report to the In School Suspension (ISS) room. The tardies will be documented, and parents will be contacted. After five tardies, the student will serve a half day in school suspension. If the problem continues to occur, further disciplinary actions will be implemented.

Along with the same understanding, no hall passes will be provided during the first and the last periods of the day and during the first and last 10 minutes of each class period. We urge all our students to take advantage of the transitional times for their personal needs, however, emergency cases will be addressed accordingly.


Tardy Policy

· First tardy = warning 1

· Second tardy = warning 2

· Third tardy = lunch detention

· Fourth tardy = parent conference

· Fifth tardy = 1/2 day of ISS

· Sixth tardy = 1 day of ISS

· Students with three (3) or more tardies in a single day will result in 1 day of ISS.

· Students skipping lunch detention will receive disciplinary referrals which will result in ISS.

· Students more than 10 minutes late for class will be considered skipping and subject to one period of ISS and will be marked absent for that period.

An unexcused tardy occurs when a student enters the classroom after the bell rings without a note excusing his or her tardiness.

An excused/exempt tardy must be accompanied by a note from attendance office, an administrator, or a teacher.

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