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6C Math This Week

This week 6C has been learning about polygons, angles, circular grids, and examples of how they are used (of have been used) in the real world.

This week 6C math learned about the "honeybee dance."  This is a dance that a honeybee does in a tilted direction to communicate to the other bees how far to turn (or the angle) from the sun to find flowers.  We also talked about the different ways angles can be formed such as the result of a turning motion, a wedge, or two rays with a common vertex.

We also learned about circular grids and how to plot points on these grids.  Circular grids are often used to find weather patterns, airplanes, and ships at sea.  On Thursday, the class split into pairs and played a game using the circular grids they had drawn.  The object was to take turns naming and plotting points on their grid.  The first person to get four points in a row won.  Since there were an odd number of kids that day, many students got the opportunity to play against me.  There were many challengers, but only one student was able to beat me: Hafsa Abdulbasith!


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