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Book-It Reading Winners!

We have November's winners for the Book-It Reading Competition!

Our students have been reading their hearts out, and keeping track of the minutes that they read each day. The Pizza Hut Book-It Program has been quite a success, so far. At the end of the month, we will award a class (K-3 and 4-7) that has read the most minutes.

That class will celebrate with a party of their choice. We will also award the top 3 individual readers in the school (the most minutes read in the month). 1st place reader - $50 gift card, 2nd place reader - $30 gift card, and 3rd place reader - $20 gift card.

Here are our November winners:

K-3 class winner - 3A - Mrs. Tyndall (14,950 minutes)

4-7 class winner - 7A - Mrs. Casar (28,799 minutes)

3rd place reader - Firdaws (7B) with 3,720 minutes

2nd place reader - Abhiram N. (3A) with 5,212 minutes

1st place reader - Arjun (7A) with over 10,000 minutes

*CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NOVEMBER WINNERS! Great reading and keeping track!


Here are some honorable mentions (top of their classes):

KA - Anish V. (910 mins.), Jisha S. (777 mins.), Jia M. (640 mins.)

1A - Nitin B. (1,040 mins.), Nathan D. (860 mins.), Ben M. (835 mins.)

4A - Shurthi A.(600 mins.)

4B - Afzaa (830 mins.), Anika (635 mins.), Bryce L. (604 mins.)

5A - Shreya (2,998 mins.)

5B - Shilpa (2,338 mins.), Munira (1,626 mins.), Ranjan (1,065 mins.)

6A - Shruti M. (1,806 mins.), Neil M. (1,535 mins.), Philip L. (655 mins.)

6C - Shazayb R. (790 mins.)

7A - Ananyaa (2,400 mins.), Matthew N. (1,915 mins.)


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