TMSA Participates in CSEd Week Activities

Dear Parents,

We live in a world surrounded by technology. But only a tiny fraction of us learn the basics of how computers work, or how to create software technology. 

Computer Science provides a foundation for virtually any career. The basics can be learned by anybody, starting in elementary school. But fewer than 10% of students try. Only 2% are women. 1% are students of color.
Programming literacy will be key to your child’s future. This year we’re joining a massive campaign to prepare students for the 21st century during Computer Science Education Week (Dec 8-14).
The Hour of Code campaign aims to introduce 10 million students to one hour of computer science.
While your children will have the opportunity to participate at school, I encourage you to participate too. You can help introduce others in your community to computer science - whether in an after-school club, a church, labor union, etc.

See for details.Sign up to participate!