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Location: TMSA Campus (312 Gregson Dr. Cary NC 27511)

Date: 05/17/2014

Timeline: 1pm-4pm

Who is Eligible: 4th through 7th graders are eligible to participate in this event

Registration: Please email Mr. Pamuk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if your child is interested in presenting their projects by doing hands-on experiments and activities in front of members of the public.

List of the Projects: Once you determine that you would like for your child to participate in this event, list of the projects which you would like to be sent to you.

Deadline: Please email Mr. Pamuk no later than Saturday December 6thth, 2013 if your child is interested in participating in this Science Day

VIP Visitors: We will have VIP visitors such as representatives, senators, mayors and local news media reporters during this organization.

Watch Live: We will broadcast this event live on the internet just like we did for our helium balloon launch

Helium Balloon Launch: We will have another Helium Balloon Launch on that day as well

Exhibition: We will have exotic animal such as snake, iguana, tropical birds for exhibition as well.

Scientific Competitions: We will host a mousetrap vehicle, bottle rocket and pasta bridge competitions on that day


Why STEM Festival?

TMSA has a comprehensive approach to STEM education that is not limited to only STEM focused curriculum. We also provide many extracurricular activities  for our stakeholders to develop a college-bound STEM culture in our schools. STEM Festival is a signature event to stimulate the interest of our students, parents, and public in STEM. We also celebrate the success of  our students on their STEM projects throughout the year. STEM festival is a reflection of  our main beliefs on STEM education

Share and Shine: We believe that students become actively engaged in STEM, share their work in collaborative and social settings, and shine through presentations, displays, and competitions. The Triangle Math and Science Academy STEM Share and Shine approach makes STEM engagement socially desirable for students.

Technology Integration : TMSA STEM employs technology integration to comply with the 21st century standards. TMSA STEM acknowledges the role of technology literacy in mastery of content knowledge, development of scientific inquiry and mathematical processes, and interdisciplinary projects. Students use technology as they conduct their research, communicate and collaborate with others, and present their final products, e.g. video clip, online student portfolio, etc.


Isa Pamuk

Science Teacher

Science Olympiad Coach

STEM EXPO Coordinator

Acad. Teams & Clubs Head

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Triangle Math and Science Academy

312 Gregson Dr.  Cary, NC 27511



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