November Book It! Results

And the winner for the month of October is.......

TMSA is participating in the Pizza Hut Book It! program this year.  Students keep track of the number of minutes they read for pleasure during the months of October through March.  As an incentive, students in grades 4-7 hold a friendly competition to see which class reads the most minutes each month. The winning class receives a class party!

During the month of October, the winning class was grade 5A.  Students in Ms. Lanham's fifth grade language arts class read for a grand total of 16,188 minutes in October.  The class will hold their party one day next week. Congratulations to these students!

The program continues, and students have already begun keeping track of their minutes for the month of November.  All minutes of reading for pleasure count. Those minutes do add up quickly, so TMSA students- Keep reading!