Noetic Learning Math Competition (NLMC)


All 2nd - 6th grade math classes at TMSA took the NLMC this week.  The NLMC, Noetic Learning Math Contest, is a national math contest.  TMSA registered as a school for the contest, and all classes took the test in their math class this week.  The test had 20 questions and the kids were all given 45 minutes to complete it.  In my class, we practiced for the NLMC by solving problems from previous years' tests and talking about "test taking strategies" last week and early this week.

In my classes, I made a deal with my students to further encourage them to work hard.  I told them the students who get one of the top 5 scores in each class will get 5 points added to their participation grade.  Since the participation grade is the only grade in the quarter 2 grade book so far, the students were very excited that they might get to start the quarter with a grade of 105%!

The students worked very hard and are anxiously awaiting their results.