International Trip to Turkey

Dear All, 

I’m excited to let you know that we are organizing our 2nd Annual International Trip to Turkey, over Spring Break. (April 11th -20th)

This trip is open to 4th – 7th grade students. This being said,  4th and 5th grade students must be accompanied by their parent/guardian.

All TMSA parents are invited to this trip. 

I have information session is coming up for the details of International Trip  which will be held on  Saturday, November 23rd  @ 6:30 PM in Triangle Math and Science Academy. Dinner will be served during information session.  If you are interested in going to Turkey with the international trip, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and  come to learn more about this great opportunity for you and your child.


Different Cultures, Natural Landmarks, Academic, Historical Places and more … 

Traveling overseas can provide opportunities to learn things that a child would never learn in the classroom. I hope your child will be able to attend and get the many benefits traveling overseas while having lots of fun. Please remember that the trip is not only for students but also parents and staff as well. I hope you would consider attending this trip yourself. Thank you and   I hope to see you all in information session.