Music at TMSA

Dear TMSA Family,

This week in music, students have been applying the breadth of their musical knowledge by singing some of their favorite pieces (and even composing some of their own!).

Children had lots of fun this week in picking apart the musical elements in one of their most favorite new songs, The Fox (What Does the Fox Say).  Younger grades focused on matching correct pitch, singing in rhythmic unison, and feeling the phrase structure that guides the motion of the music in this song.  K-2 classes also embarked on creating their own composition as a class!  Students made vocal phrases using story themes, while identifying rhythmic and melodic patterns, as well as rhyming structures.  Students in 3rd grade and above studied the meaning of rhythmic syncopation, and closely looked at and learned the syncopated rhythms in The Fox.  Next week, classes will continue learning vocal music, as we look forward to a possible December performance.