Upper Grades Math Finishes Quarter Strong

Mrs. Thomas's math classes worked very hard this past week putting the final touches on projects and acing tests to end the 1st quarter on a high note.

5A, 6B and 7A have been working hard these past 9 weeks.  Even with no days off they stayed focused and worked hard to ensure a good grade on their report card.  The half day and Veterans Day are much needed and well deserved to Mrs. Thomas’s math classes. This week alone they had a test and a project due! It was a challenge but the upper grades completed the tasks with grace.  A few of the students were asked if they got anything special for good grades. Molly Rubin from 6B said "My mom and dad always write me a special letter of encouragement!" Aneesh Sreedhara, also from 6B, said "My parents always get me something special for my good grades, I think I'm going to ask for a video game!" Both students were very confidant that they are going to have stellar grades on the first report card of the school year; especially in math!!