Roller Coaster Project in Science

Roller Coaster Project in Science Class

The 7th grade students in Mr. Pamuk's science class has been hard at work learning about different aspects of force and motion.  To wrap up this unit, these 7th grade students created a roller coaster out of k-nex pieces.

 The point behind creating a roller coaster is to have a starting point at a high enough altitude for the "car" to pick up enough potential energy.  Once the "car" gains enough potential energy, the "car" is able to complete the rest of the roller coaster track.  The kids worked in six different groups, and each group was responsible for creating their own section and portion which would create the completed roller coaster.  To complete this project, the students created a "car" to test on the roller coaster.  This "car" enabled the students to see how Newton's Theory of Motion truly works in real life situations.  Everyone had a great time, and it was an experience that these young ladies and gentlemen will remember for a very long time.

Isa Pamuk

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