4th and 6th Grade Social Studies Websites

Dear TMSA Parents,

After listening to your suggestions and a ton of work, I can proudly present to you the class websites. Please go check them out and explore the sites. I have posted class notes and a lot of other valuable information. They are still new, and I do need to add a lot of information up there for you.

Tomorrow, I will be trying to update my calendars with all of the work I have planned. The homework will be posted on Monday morning for that week. My homework days are Tuesday and Friday. I will try and post assignments up there as soon as they are assigned. I hope you enjoy the sites. If you have further suggestions, please email me.


4th Grade - http://tmsa-4thgrade-socialstudies.weebly.com/

 6th Grade - http://tmsa-6thgrade-socialstudies.weebly.com/



 Camille New

 4th and 6th grade Social Studies Teacher

Beta Club Sponser

Odyssey of the Mind Assistant Coach