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This Week in Music

Dear TMSA Family,

     During our past week in music class, students were introduced to a unique new method for ear training, and also ventured into more difficult vocal music.

     Classes started learning a fun new way to identify the differences from a set of pitches while improving rhythmic skills. First, the students were played a note, and given a rhythmic action to go with it.  For example, students were to "clap" when the high "E" string was played from the guitar.  After adding some more notes and appointing different actions (tap, stomp, etc) to go with them, we then went through a series of exercises that increased in complexity.

     In addition, we continued to study several different African vocal songs that required higher levels of memorization, listening to others, and expanding the mind to pronounce and sing words from different languages.  Songs from Ghana, South Africa, Zambia, Morocco, and Egypt were explored!  

     Next week, upper grades will take a look at the pentatonic scale, which has been used widely across the world in almost all genres of music including folk, classical and popular.   Younger grades will begin to apply some rhythmic skills with the use of various percussion instruments in group/ensemble settings.  


    John Fulkerson



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