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Music at TMSA

Dear TMSA Family,

     Students in music class focused this week in the areas of rhythmic comprehension, vocal performance, and overall musical creativity.  "Call and Response" served as our theme. 

    K-4 grades enjoyed an introduction to vocal music by learning some West African call and response songs.  These songs invite the children to sing, dance, and drum while understanding the relationship of the lead singer, who sings the call, and the choir, who sing the response.  After running through a few of these with enthusiastic students serving as lead singers, the classes were challenged to compose some call and response sequences of their own.  The results were great!  Some students even implemented a foreign language into their compositions.  As a class, we were able to learn some of the student's original songs.  

    In the upper grades, we turned to rhythmic studies for a better understanding of call and response.  After learning and repeating several different sequences, students were challenged to quickly identify the "call" rhythm played, and in turn perform its appropriate response.  Here, students were able to then explore their own compositional creativity by writing some of their own rhythmic call and response sequences, and sharing them with the class.  

    Next week, we are excited to continue our call and response songs in K-4, while the upper grades will learn some more complex songs with contemporary style song form (such as verse and chorus).  


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