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This Week in Music

This Week in Music

Dear TMSA Family,

            Children at TMSA are in the process of familiarizing themselves with simple concepts in the subjects of melody (for now, based on a major scale), and rhythm.  Students in grades K-2 have begun to learn the major scale, which is an essential building block in musical melodies.


            Grades 3 and above have learned how a major scale is applied in Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, Ode to Joy.  Also, rhythmic exercises have been an essential element in all grade’s classes.  All class periods dedicate at least some portion of time to understanding rhythm, whether with simple use of hands and feet, or by applying certain rhythms while using our glockenspiels.  As for the future, we hope to begin using our voices more in a variety of ways, and also to continue our rhythmic practice into the idea of sustaining steady rhythms based on different structures. 


John Fulkerson


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