Homework Update


Homework Update

As we all know, our students in 4th – 7th grade carry around a lot of heavy books in their backpacks.  To help the students with their homework load and the weight of the physical load that they carry home at night, the 4th-7th grade teachers decided that our students are more than welcome to keep their books that they do not need to take home at night in their classroom.  Also, the 4th-7th grade teachers have a homework schedule for which nights they will assign homework.


Monday: Math and Science

Tuesday: Language Arts and Social Studies

Wednesday: Math and Science

Thursday: Language Arts and Foreign Language

Friday: All subjects


Please note that the teachers may ask the students to finish any incomplete classwork from that day on a night that is not their designated night.  We hope that this will help our students become more organized and that they will have lighter backpacks.


Mrs. Rebecca H. Pamuk – 5th and 7th Social Studies