Homework and Tutoring Schedule

Homework Schedule for Students in Grades 4 through 7:

Monday: Math and Science

Tuesday: Language Arts and Social Studies

Wednesday: Math and Science

Thursday: Language Arts and Foreign Language

Friday: Any subject can be assigned.



Tutoring Schedule:

Students may stay after school on the following days for help with classwork assignments, quiz and test preparation, or help on projects.

Mrs. Thomas: Mondays and Tuesdays (Room 135)

Mr. Reid: Tuesday and Friday (Room 136)

Mr. Yigit:  Mondays and Fridays (Room 137)

Ms. Birtel: Tuesdays and Thursdays (Room 142)

Ms. Lanham: Thursdays and Fridays (Room 133)

Mrs. Casar: Tuesdays and Thursdays (Room 134)

Mrs. Dawes: Mondays and Fridays (Room 141)

Mrs. Compton:  Tuesdays and Fridays (Room 193)

Mr. Pamuk: Thursdays (Room 174)

Mrs. Pamuk: Mondays and Thursdays (Room 174)

Ms. New: Mondays and Thursdays (Room 176)

Mr. Kahraman: Thursdays and Fridays (Room 129)

Mrs. Kahraman: Mondays (Room 129)

Mrs. Escobar: Mondays and Thursdays (Room 131)

Mr. Fulkerson: Tuesdays (Room 123)

Mr. Hobbs:  Fridays (Room 122)                       

Mr. T:  Fridays (Room 194)