Fan Powered Cars Project

Fan Powered Cars Project

Recently, the students in Mr. Pamuk’s class have been learning about Motion and Force. Students gained a lot of knowledge and experience through experiments and hands on activities so far. Very last thing that the kids built in Science was fan motor cars. Students used their own imagination and designed and built their vehicles out of K’nex pieces.


Students were awarded to hold a contest against each other, based on their design and weight of the car, their vehicles were travelling. We basically did this project based on Newton’s second law which states that the acceleration of an object subjects to a force is directly proportional to the net force, and inversely proportional to mass of the object. There is also formula goes with it which is F=M*A . F stands for Force, M is for Mass and A stands for Acceleration. It was a fun project to do in class and the kids loved it. You will hear about more projects going on in Mr. Pamuk’s science class.

Isa Pamuk

Science Teacher

Science Olympiad Coach