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Kids Club Update

Bookmans Kids Club

Dear Amazing TMSA Family,

I hope that everybody is having a great school year so far at TMSA! This year, I will be in charge of clubs and academic teams in our school. I am really thrilled the with idea of helping out staff and parents in this matter.

In the long run, we also would like to create and publish an academic team’s magazine in our school soon. We will include, the coaches bio, description of their team, interviews with the member of academic teams, testimonials from your team’s parents, team schedules, competition dates, upcoming field trips, accomplishments from last year and so on. This is just a heads up of this upcoming project. Please let me know if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions in this matter. I hope that with the extended clubs and teams range, we are reaching out more students and hopefully they will really make a tremendous effect towards children’s future interest area.  

Isa Pamuk

Science Teacher

Science Olympiad Head Coach


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