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TMSA Science Olympiad Launches Helium Balloon into Outer Space


Helium logo

Dear Enthusiastic TMSA Parents,

 I am proudly announcing that TMSA Science Olympiad Team will be launching a helium balloon into outer space. We are coming up with a great project which is launching a helium balloon into outer space on October 19th 2013.

We are doing this project under TMSA Science Olympiad Team sponsorship. We are planning to place Science Olympiad team members pictures along with TMSA logo in the  payload of the helium balloon and we will send it into outer space and take picture/record  of our students and post it on You-Tube and eventually they will be publish on local news channels and newspapers. At this time I am asking for parents’ help. If you would like contribute any donation in this project that would be greatly appreciated.  You can also contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in case you have any questions & suggestions!!

Please click the following link to see what need in order to accomplish this project  

Isa Pamuk

Science Olympiad Head Coach

Students filling the balloon with helium

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